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I manually un-installed the mod after it was determined it wouldn't work for me.

I am looking at other possibilities because the text was too dark to read.

Thank you for your attention,
Cloud  8)

Here you have another kind of register message,
Maybe you like that way


Thank you. :)
That is a good one.
It fades away after a while and the guests can click it off.
If a forum wants one that is annoying they can use one that never goes away.
Guests' Cursor
Thanks again as we are going to use the one you showed us.  ;)
Be Well,
Cloud  8)

Shadow Queen:
This mod don't work on the theme I am using on my forum.

Any clue how I am going to get this mod work on the theme I am using?

You would need to copy the theme edits that were made to index.template.php to your themes index.template.php


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