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SMF admin panel backup is crap! Can we have a patch release to remove it please?

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Me too. Don't wanna do it again either.


--- Quote from: (F.L.A.M.E.R) on May 01, 2012, 01:32:51 PM ---What say?

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Hmm. Will all of the databases tell us how large variable character fields are, so we can add them up? The big problem will be that unless we can come up with the exact expected size, users will deluge support with "My backup is 3 bytes smaller than what it should be! What went wrong?" A rough estimate is no good -- it must be exact.

What might be just as effective is to do a query on each table to count the number of records, and make sure after spitting out the backup that we output that many records. Naturally, the forum would be in maintenance mode throughout the backup. I think it would be sufficient to make sure we output all the records (i.e., I don't expect to see partial records). If it quits in the middle, couldn't we detect that, too? Maybe we should just look at the end of the .sql file to see if there is anything that looks like an error message (e.g., due to timeout) and report failure.

@FLAMER: what you are describing is more or less what you can find in the snap I posted few minutes ago: there are warnings if the backup is at risk, there are instructions (well not yet :P) on what's the best option and if the database is over a certain size the button is disabled if the forum is not in maintenance mode.

Adish - (F.L.A.M.E.R):
A perfect size may just increase the server resource usage from how I see it. May be, under Forum Maintenance, we can give them a option of "Calculate database size now" and then they can correlate it with that, or a button on the backup page. Having it automatically calculated every time they backup the area might not be a good idea unless you think it wont be very resource intense.

Yep, looking at the last few lines will give us the answers straight away, but that may need the use of vi or nano command on the server side which would be something that is disabled as a user. Not sure, how this will work otherwise.

Putting the forum into maintenance mode seems to be a good idea when the forum is over a certain size. Annd... I am a little lost in this topic lol. Which post are you talking about? :P

I'm no coder, as you all well-know. So, this suggestion could be total bollox and be laughable.

Thinking about archivers and the like, though, is it possible to do the equivalent of a Cyclic redundancy check? Maybe a checksum?


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