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I am an experienced web content writer but this is my first time creating a forum ( I started it because I live with chronic pain and I know there are other forums out there, but they are very confusing to use. I love Simple Machines --made it very easy to set up. However, I am not positive how to promote this forum --- it's not like promoting a coupon site or a game site. It's about chronic pain and that's NOT I don't want to make light of it.

 I'm very experienced on Twitter/Facebook but I want this to have more reach than that. Best practice when finding members?
Thanks for any advice!

Making a page on facebook and showing it to all is a good way to promote a site these days. A lot of forums out there now have showcase boards like the one here you can post in to attract people. Getting a google adsense account may not be the way to go but I guess it works for some people.

Thanks. I'm a web content writer by trade and have a number of sites that I do very well with Google Adsense with (pays my mortgage). I'm a website creator not a forum creator, so it's hard to judge how that will do---trial and error. I have a big Facebook presence, so perhaps I will start there--I just think having a FB page sort of defeats the purpose of a board. People will post on the FB page and not the board...but I'll give it a try!

Study Force:
Answer questions posted by the yahoo answer community and as a source, add: For more information, visit

Thanks -- I know it's important to be very careful on and Yahoo Answers. It can appear as spam so you do have to answer selectively.

Thanks again!


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