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COPY a post/sticky to other boards?

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I need to have the same sticky in several different sub-boards on my forum.  At present I copy the text and create a new thread in each relevant board, however when I need to change text in the sticky I then have to manually change each individual post.  Is there a way to Copy a sticky to several boards?

If not, is there a way to make a boards posts show ABOVE the sub-boards (child-boards) as I can put the rules and instructions there instead (just now they show under all the sub-boards and nobody will scroll down to see them).

Sir Osis of Liver:

You can flip the main board and child boards so the parent is on top.  Take a look at the attached file.

Thanks for the quick reply, but I cant open that file - do I need a specific program?

Sir Osis of Liver:

It's a text file - should open in any text editor (Notepad, Wordpad).  Depending on what you're using, you may have to change the filename suffix to .txt.

Cheers - opened it as a text file.

One thing I should have said is I did not do the original installation and I don't have a clue about the php coding side of things and looking at that text file I have no idea which part I need to copy into my php file to put the parent posts on top.  I've read through it but cannot work it out - sorry.

ADDED - forget that :)
I saw a post you made on another thread (could not find that before when I searched), and it shows which code to move -

Thanks again


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