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Forum using up all system resources?

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I imagine the problem is they use something crappy like Ensim which comes with MySQL 3x and they for whatever reason cant/wont upgrade to MySQL 4x themselves.

But everything has been running fine for months. I haven't changed a thing since I installed smf months ago. They are using control maestro,  WEBppliance Pro 3.5.21-10

SMF was designed with MySQL 4 in mind.  The problem is, MySQL 3 and 4 act very differently in some situations, and what is slow on one may be fast on the other.  In fact, there have been situations where we have had to pick between two methods - one fast on 4, another fast on 3.  Obviously, the descision could only logically be made to go with the current version (4) not the old and no longer available 3.

It still should not be slow, persay, but I can understand it performing worse.  Additionally, MySQL 4 is simply faster overall, and when you account for query caching it is faster indeed.  If your host is really concerned about their server's performance, they should be willing to upgrade MySQL - otherwise, they really are not worth your money.

MySQL 4 has been available for quite a while now.  Your host probably just over-reacted to a peak period.


They took the entire site down. Then after I got a hold of them they put it back up and supposedly the resources shot up immediately so they took it down again. Right now they are waiting on me to fix the problem which I can't really do.

Edit Settings.php and put it in maintenance mode.  See if it "shoots up again" then too.

Because that would obviously be a crock :P.



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