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Forum using up all system resources?

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Okay, I am installing in on my machine right now. They were running mysql 3.0 as it is illegal for them to install 4.0 due to legal reasons.

If they think it's illegal to install MySQL 4, then they are talking rubbish and I highly doubt that they have a clue what they are talking about when saying your forum was a resource hog.

Here is what they told me (
"We are running MySQl 3. Version 4 is restricted by its license not to be commercially distributed so our software provider could not upgrade if they wanted to. "

Time for you to switch hosts, I think.  ;D

If they are using MySQL Pro then they probably can't just upgrade - but as a host I know I would stay on the edge to keep my customers happy.

There are plenty of hosts that stay at the forefront!

Sigh.  Stupid hosts.

MySQL 3 was licensed under the lesser GPL.  MySQL 4 is licensed under the GPL.  Yes, there's a HUGE difference there, but they've completely and utterly missed it.

You see, MySQL 4 just cannot be sold.  Period.  End of story.  However, open source would not exist if people could not profit or at least break even off of it.  Don't think we're communists - only people who don't understand do.

You can sell SERVICES for MySQL, such as hosting, without problem.  This is the INTENT.  You're SUPPOSED to sell services.  That's how it WORKS.

Even if it weren't, it's $595.  Compare that with Microsoft SQL.  So even then, how cheap is your host?

GPL here:

LGPL here:



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