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Gars in Yankieland. :P

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Okay, I'm not much of a blogger, I never haven been I dont even use my own one that much. But this kind of event doesnt happen all the time. If at all. :P

Okay, shall we have a run down of my experiences so far of a country thats strange and weird to me? :P So prepare for a long post.

December 27/28th, 2007
At 11 am I woke up, I still had to pack and there were still a few small items I needed to buy, so I armed myself with my card and headed out to the local stores. Of course, I'm going to keep their location a secret except for saying that they're in London. (England by the way :P) I forked about £40 for a new PSP game and a new USB Headset as well as a couple of other little bits and pieces from a pound shop (a shop where everything costs £1). I installed the USB Headset onto my laptop and ensured it works, which it does because I'm using it right now.

When my mum came home, we both started to pack. It makes things easier if we both did it and we can both check to ensure that everything is there. Even though I did in the end forget a pair of gloves, it doesn't really matter too much. By about 2 or so in the morning we had everything packed and I just had to wait for my dad to come pick me up at 6:15 am.

I got a call from my dad, indicating that he was waiting outside so I head out and get into his car, and he starts moving, you can probably imagine what was going through my mind as we went through that one hour or so drive to Heathrow.

I got to the airport at about 7 am, my dad and his girlfriend hung around with me to keep me comfortable I suppose, and checked me in. Now the pain in the butt part was meeting up with RunicWarrior who was coming down from Edinburgh. We both had a hard time finding each other as it would turn out he was in the wrong terminal. :P We went through to security and to our gate for our flight to Chicago. At the gate who would we find? None other than Compuart! (Well, we did expect to see him there, as he was flying in from Amsterdam)

We boarded, and the flight crew seemed like very nice people, but being on what is pretty much a nine hour flight at 10 in the morning, is pretty tiring, even though it was my first flight of the day, compared to RunicWarriror's and Compuart's second, I was very tired, for an entirely different reason. I never went to sleep the previous night. So all three of us went to sleep on the plane.

As the plane was landing in Chicago, I was getting a little nervous even more because I had to go through Customs, get our luggage, etc... and the plane was delayed in landing so we had less time to get our luggage, go through security etc... and get to the gate of the second plane. And to make matters worse, the screens on the plane that listed the times of the connecting one to Tucson were listing the incorrect gate.

Fortunately the departing plane to Tucson was delayed because of heavy snow. While waiting we met up with Sarge, BlackMage, jerm and Harro. Another plane ride that seemed to just take forever. But we finally landed in Tucson, exhausted. Where we met up with a majority of the other team members.

Normally, I'm quite quiet when I'm in unfamiliar territory, and that applies here, I was quite quiet for the first day. But in the second day, I got more comfortable with the people I was with and I started having a little fun and talking a lot more. Even though hardly anyone can probably understand me except RunicWarrior because of my accent. :P

So after a few hours of discussing things, with various members. By surprise, I didn't bring up any Simpsons discussion, but it was brought up by other members. I'm trying not to bring it up, but if it does get brought up, I will talk about it. :P

Unusually, I went to bed rather quickly, since it takes me a little while to become comfortable. Maybe I was just *that* tired.

For now I guess I've just bored you. So I'll save the next bit for another post. :P

Gary M. Gadsdon

I know I've pretty much just posted a long post about my first day, but whatever. I want to post about this before I forget.

I thought I'd comment on the food over here in America compared to Britain. Usually, there's various items I'm used to but they don't exist over here such as Irn Bru, which Trekkie101 keeps talking about. :P And the same in reverse. Such as Beef Jerky, Mountain Dew, and Red Lobster.

So getting to taste these items is a new experience for me and some of the team members are quite shocked when I say that we don't have these items. In fact Mountain Dew is banned in the UK because it has a high Caffeine and Sugar content. So this is my first time drinking it and it tastes just like Sprite. IMO. :P

And earlier today, pmp6nl and I were discussing the differences between prices in vending machines in GBP and USD. And most of the team members were very interested in seeing what British money looks like and the values of coins and notes. Because obviously, they have never seen any before. :P

And as I was saying we had at least a five minute talk about the fact that in the UK, Starburst used to be called Opal Fruits and the fact that I prefer Opal Fruits better. :P

So all in all the food is very different compared to the UK. But I will always prefer British food.

And yes we do have Hamburgers and Fries in England, but we call French Fries, "chips"

Love Ringo.
PS. Please forgive the lateness of my reply.


Nice reading.

Maybe its also worth clarifying that in the UK we call 'chips' aka potato snacks, crisps. :)

Oh.. and "Snickers" chocolate bars used to be called "Marathon", "Ajax" cleaning fluid is now called "Ziff" or something and a load of other brands have become Americanised.

Good reading Gary, hope the rest of the team are not busting yr balls too much  ;D


Moving on shall we? :P

December 29, 2007

Okay, this is where the interesting stuff for the team starts to happen, and most is kept under wraps for what you would see as obvious reasons, after all, we dont want to ruin the surprise for you in future releases (if any. ;)) But the three Developers gave a brief presentation and a q and a session on what their plans were and how they intend to get there. As well as some (finally) follow through on various Theme site issues RunicWarrior, IchBin and I have been having.

We headed off to a desert museum, where RunicWarrior, IchBin, and RickC were constantly talking about stuff. People call it a "Desert Museum" but it is, in reality, just a zoo for desert animals really. At least, thats the way I saw it. I kept comparing it to London Zoo for some reason, but can you really blame me?

For dinner, it was Mexican, but I had never had mexican properly before, so I tried a Cheese Enchilada. I like cheese, but beyond that it was pretty feh. So you wont be seeing me eat that again, after that, Thantos, Runic and myself were discussing more stuff for the Theme Site, most of which I forgot. :P

Then from there on it was pretty much the same as the previous night. :P


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