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Paul_Pauline a Year On!

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On January 31, 2011 a known member of the community, and a team member here at Simple Machines, lost the one he loved through cancer, this loss effected our friend a lot and he found it hard to live without the one he loved, so on February 14, 2011, Paul_Pauline took his own life.

This effected everyone who knew the couple, it came as a shock to his Friends and Family, and the team were also devastated, the loss of a loved member of our community, a inspiring support specialist.

I personally remember the time at the UK Meet in 2010, when Myself, K@, Gary, Paul_Pauline and Compuart all met up for a weekend in Manchester.  I remember when Gary called on myself in the train station as he and K@ waited for my train to arrive with K@'s family, then we waited on Paul and Pauline whom drove us to the local pub near where K@ stays, and we had a great conversation about SMF.  This was the first time that Gary and I had met Paul, Pauline and k@ (Gary and I met at MoTM few years before).  Next day we met up with Compuart (Gary and I also had met him before) and we all had nice time in Old Trafford Centre (unfortunately Paul and Pauline could not make this), but we did meet them again for a game of pool and darts.

For myself and all that knew them who were upset at the loss of both. So today 14 Febuary 2012, lets all take a moment for our fallen comrade's and think of the support and friendship they gave us.

In many ways, it seems like yesterday, to me.

That final message he sent me, here, did my head in.

You always have that "Why couldn't I stop/help him?" thing, don't you?

Still, with a bit of luck, they're together, again, in some way, ay? :)

Is there a way the smf forum could have a Rembrance spot for them both?

Time sure flies pass.

They have one in my mind, mate. :)

Sadly, his site's vanished, now. I guess his daughters decided to close it.

Matthew K.:
WOW...time does fly. So sad...he was a very nice guy, missed very much.


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