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This could be trivial, but to me it's annoying.

If you have access to a board that is a subboard of a board you don't have access to, that board is hidden on the boardindex.


Some Board (no access)
    -> Some Subboard (access)
        -> Another Subboard (access)

Now on the boardindex, there is no way/link to access the board you can access without visiting a topic that is inside that board, then clicking on the linktree to view the board.

Not sure that's really a bug, and dealing with it is somewhat awkward.

Interesting... I never noticed this before, nor I saw it reported.
I'd tend to agree it shouldn't behave this way (it's not exactly user-friendly).
But the thing is, it seems to be very rare, and perhaps the reason is that generally sub-boards are used for things in the same field (whatever it is) of the parent board, only more specific. And it is probably very rare that one would need to give permissions to the specific area, but feel the need to hide the general part...
I'd wonder if you could have a better layout of your forum, perhaps it could be done otherwise, using sub-boards as indeed specialized areas of a generic one.

That said, I recently met a situation where it *did* make sense to me to think at allowing sub-boards, but not the parent board.

Anyway, I'd say this is very low priority, though for usability it may be taken into account.
Tracked as 4280.

How do you display child boards without a parent board, out of interest? How should it actually look?

Directly inside the next container.
If that's what you mean, sorry if I misunderstand.


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