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Of course.

There are several things that I see as failures in it: 1) links are simple text links, making touching them harder than if their "hit" areas were larger and 2) some of the items are floated, just as in Curve original, but it makes it very tight in some areas. It could be done better as vertically laid out instead. And 3) what are topic icons doing there, really? Its taking up a 1/5 of the width, if not more.

That, and the fact you have the theme running with TP on the outer sides, makes it a tight squeeze on a phone..

I am sorry, but the reason tapatalk or Dragooon themes are better, are the consideration of these things. Its not a "second-hand" medium and deserves to look as great as it does on computers.

TP? What site are you on?

Let me demonstrate how it works:;sa=item;id=1630

Dragoon's cellular mod does that. Better to also modify the markup as depending just on css changes isn't really the best choice.


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