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it seems this problem is associated with MACs running IE only...

check this thread for the dicsussion:,38925.0.html

I will pm you an account name and password to try it with....

Its running painfully slow for me

Win XP SP2 - FF 1


--- Quote from: Trekkie101 on January 19, 2005, 02:19:40 PM ---Its running painfully slow for me

Win XP SP2 - FF 1

--- End quote ---

for real?

Flying for me....We moved to a new rented server from somewhere....and then did move to it and new SMF software all at the same time.... I am XP SP2 but IE latest....

and only the MAC with IE complain...

We are tweaking server still and fixing a few mods and fixing some old attachments and avatars from old YABBSE stuff....

Not to harp on it, but did you ever try checking "disable hostname lookups" in your settings?


Well it has been 2 weeks and CAFCNA is still not Mac Friendly. I was hoping that some one over here would be able to help our site. It is clear that who ever is work on the Mac slow loading problem on our end is not having any luck.
Thank you for your many responces to this thread.



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