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I need To add Login & REGISTER in the Bar How to Do it ?

Please Move it, if its not a good section(Sorry For My Bad English)

A few issues that I noticed on your site:

* SMF copyright has been removed which isn't wrong, it just means you get no support here
* Theme copyright is gone
* Theme is dzinerstudio's, a premium/paid theme

No i am sorry u have all the thing over there !!!! Smf & Desinger rights! Please REcheck it!
But on the theme at the top i did some changement !!!

Seems that it is a premium theme and in this case, you should be asking for support at that site.
Also, the lack of the SMF copyright is more of an issue.

thank you!!! i dont known why you cant support! any way one more time thanks for your reply !!! c can lock topic!!!!

Can u just say What the Main & Must Security Themes to install to prevent from Hackers! please


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