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[4280][RC3] Boards Hidden on Board Index

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Container 1: Category "general"
Container 2 (counting deep levels): Board "Something secret"
Leaf 3 (rather leaf than container, currently, sort of, potential container too in reality): Board "Something visible".

I say: Leaf 3 should appear as a direct child of Container 1.
This implies: like the other children of Container 1, a "first-class" board.
You say: "no, it's not, it's a first class board instead".

Methinks we're talking about the same thing, just looking at it from a different angle.

Yes, we are now talking about the same thing, though it didn't seem like that before ;)

I don't see this as a bug personally. There is little to no use in forcing the child board to appear, when its parent is not around. And this tip/trick by Thantos makes me think that initially this was intentional:

Edit: Fixed the link.

I assume [SiNaN] refers to Hiding a board without modification.  :)

Yeah, sorry, fixed the link.


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