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Whats a Estimate for 1.0 to come out

Don't get me wrong.  I did the fresh install of SE then converted my 1.3.1 board to it.  Then installed a fresh SMF board and then upgraded the SE board to it. ;D

Everything seemed to go without a hitch, then it just stopped working. :'( 

Now, by no means am I guru at this stuff, but it seems more than one thing can go wrong with the "current" steps to get a SMF board (Which I loved for the 10 minutes it worked LOL  :P) without losing data from a previous board.  I also understand the the priority in getting a stable version out first.  By all means, do that first.  Just as long as there is a "plan" to have a one step converter in the future, is all I was asking.

Till then I'll remain a yabb 1.3.1 board till that day arrives.  Then convert over to a SMF board. 

All I have to say is "GREAT JOB" on the current beta guys, it looks very promising.  Looking forward to the "stable" release.

I'd post a new thread requesting help as it shouldn't just stop working on you. :)

I would but since it was still beta, i figured i did something wrong.  Wiped it out and restored a backup.

Going to give it another wack tomorrow!


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