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port from 1.1.11 to 2.0.2

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Hi All,

We recently upgraded our forum, we did use a developer to help us.

Originally there were about 5300 members, after the port we got a member count of about 1300. This was fixed by the developer, then we switched back to the curve theme. There were problems with the DNS and the developer worked hard to resolve this and he did.

He is at a loss as to why this is happening, and there is a backup of these members.

I have decided to ask for help here (his recomendation).

Have you guys encountered anything like this before?

I am the one responsible for directing the port and Im in big trouble. Please Help

Do you have backups of everything before the upgrade?

Ive sent a message to the devloper regarding the back ups, he did give me a link to prove the members were there, and the count was right about 5347 or something close to that, which it should be. I would post the link here, but Im unsure if its okay to post that.

Im probably not describing the problem correctly, If I did have the backups what would you do next


Making a backup should be standard before any upgrade.

A count of members can be obtained by querying the database directly and even comparing the backup with the one you currently have installed, your developer should know how to do that.

I think that's what I was looking at with the link he gave me


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