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SMF 2.0 and Joomla bridge?

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Is the stable release of SMF 2.0 and the rebirth of the SMF project as open source software (licensed under the BSD License) change the view against the license problems connecting SMF and Joomla! Will it open the door for a Joomla-brigde? I went away from SMF because of this but I miss SMF so much. Joomla and SMF are the best in their source!

maybe...   it will probably be some time before someone picks up the bridge(s) again though.

Omega X:
As far as I know, BSD is not compatible with GPLv3. So I doubt that a Joomla bridge will still be legal.

have to look into it, but if so...    it just re-emphasizes what I have said about the idiocy of the GPL.


--- Quote from: Omega X on June 18, 2011, 03:58:02 PM ---As far as I know, BSD is not compatible with GPLv3. So I doubt that a Joomla bridge will still be legal.

--- End quote ---

Actually, BSD is GPL-compatible.

Most GPL-licensed software (i.e. Wordpress, etc) can have extensions/plugins licensed as GPL-compatible licenses, including BSD license.

However, in the Joomla case things may be more complicated. Because according to Joomla,

--- Quote ---Can I release an extension under a GPL Compatible license?
Extensions extend and derive from Joomla! and Joomla! is GNU GPL. Therefore extensions cannot be licensed with a less restrictive license.
For more than two years the Joomla! Project has clearly stated that in its view and the views of the legal experts we have consulted extensions are almost always derivative works for Joomla and must therefore be licensed using the GNU GPL.

--- End quote ---

BSD is a permissive open source license, GPL-compatible. It is obviously less restrictive than GPL itself.

It seems they require GPL only for extensions, that is, it sounds to me like they do NOT accept a GPL-compatible license.

I will look into this more throughfully though. To my knowledge of past issues as well as other open source projects, however, it is sometimes - like in this case - the choice of the respective software project to accept or disallow extensions licenses in the strictest interpretation of GPL possible - and by that, forbid even GPL-compatible licenses.

Please don't take this as anything but initial brainstorming on the future of Joomla integration, now that SMF itself is BSD licensed, though. I appreciate further opinions on the matter.


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