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RAM vs Burst???

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I have a VPS with 500 mb RAM and 1500 mb Burst.

I have several forums on this VPS.
Here's my status.php:

I am having some server problems at this moment. These are speed & connection time out problems.

The memory usage is usually around 30% so I think the server uses Burst memory all day through.

My question:
Should I upgrade my VPS to 1GB RAM to have a better server performance?


If GoDaddy is your hosting company then there lies the issue. They are a known over seller.

You also seem to have quite a few sites on that VPS.

1GB of RAM might cure your issue but I would seriously consider using another host as GD will squeeze as many VPS's on that node as possible.

It is not a Go Daddy VPS.
I have 13 sites on that VPS.

I think I will upgrade to 1GB of RAM so it doesn't need the Burst memory.

青山 素子:

--- Quote from: _Ziggy_ on February 03, 2012, 01:13:03 PM ---It is not a Go Daddy VPS.
I have 13 sites on that VPS.

--- End quote ---

Correct. It looks like it's Landis Holdings, which means either Hosting Zoom or Jaguar PC. I do like that they claim "We are a hosting company providing quality, non-oversold, reliable hosting solutions at an affordable price." yet their shared hosting page offers the usual "unlimited" resources indicative of an overseller.

Storman, that's not the right IP for that site.

--- Quote from: _Ziggy_ on February 03, 2012, 01:13:03 PM ---I think I will upgrade to 1GB of RAM so it doesn't need the Burst memory.

--- End quote ---

That might be a good step if you have that many sites running. Keep in mind that depending on the VPS solution they are using, there may not be any actual memory added. It may just be a number change in a dialog. Many VPS solutions offer the option to "overcommit" on memory. While this is actually a very useful tool, many hosts abuse it and wind up using it to stuff their physical servers and make their VPS product look much better than it really is.

Either way, moving to a "dedicated" 1 gigabyte is a good first step if your active memory usage is causing use of swap or is near the ceiling of your memory right now. However, just keep an eye on things to see how they go. If you have shell access, the "free" command is very useful to run as it gives you a more-detailed look at your memory usage to see if you are near the limit.

It is a Jaguarpc VPS. (I like them for their support)

I have upgraded to 1GB of dedicated RAM and it seems that all problems are solved.

I have had a lot of white screens, time outs, Seg Faults (11) and errors with the PHP Memory Limit.

Now I have upgraded all problems are gone.

I am stuck with one question:
On the first day the problems occured I have installed APC (this was a coincidence, it is a new VPS and I am still installing things).
After the APC installation there where a lot of these errors: "PHP Fatal error: Cannot run code from this file in conjunction with non encoded files".
Because all problems I was having and this seems to be a APC related error, APC was uninstalled.

My question:
Could a shortage on dedicated RAM cause this error with APC and should I be able to reinstall APC without problems?



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