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i was wondering if upgrading from 1.1.16 to the latest 2.0 version would be possible and if so, exactly how? would i just download the package for it and upload the files using an ftp uploader? will i be able to keep my forum intact?

have you read Upgrading SMF ?

yea, and i read some other posts as well, shoulda did that first i guess, lol, i'm getting it upgraded i think. if not i may be back for help

If you follow the information that Illori linked to your shouldn't have an issue.  Remember you will need to install new mods and themes as they are not compatible.

Be sure and let us know how it goes.

i've done a lot more reading and playing around and went from thinking SMF was a damn good forum to thinking its the best forum in the world, so thanks to all ya all who keep it going and updated and all that, its awesome. so i'm off to play around more, thanks for the help


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