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need to know which file to edit to activate memcached in the forum or .php file



i look which file to edit the server ip and port for memcached ? on smf forum 2.0.2

actually forum is down because of wrong setting in the forum, memcached is enabled running, but not pointing to the forum

internal server error, thanks for future help  :o


ok lets make it clearer,

where do i activate the memcached server in the forum files ?

i cannot access the forum know, only via ssh, and ftp for editing.

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
The setting is actually kept in the database unless I'm mistaken. smf_settings: cache_enable
Change it 0 to disable caching.

Internal server error?
It shouldnt thrown that on memcached, a connection error for memcached would be more probable o0


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