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SMF 1.0 Beta 4 Released to Charter Members

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It is with great satisfaction and pleasure to announce that we have released Beta 4 of SMF to our Charter Members.  Once again, we would like to thank them for all of their help throughout the beta process as well as everyone who has supported us through this transition from YaBB SE.  As we have said before, this will be released to the public shortly after we are sure it is ready.  The next release will  not be a complete feature freeze until we reach the release candidate stage of the public process.  This public release will be more or less identical to Beta 4 but minus any bugs found.  We still have a few ends to tie up in terms of documentation and the daunting task of choosing a default theme but in terms of stable code, we are there.  While I cannot give you an exact timeframe for this public release, we are very close.

Thanks again for all of your support, feedback, ideas, and generally being a great community!

Jeff Lewis:
Again, this is the version the public will also get (it's a beta remember) but we're keeping with our policy of Charter Member release first which will also help u s catch any glaring errors that we need to correct. It  will be much easier to answer 100 requests about the same bug than several hundred :)

So, it draws very near and the wait is almost over :)

Sorry, I felt the need to clarify a few sentences so people wouldn't get mad about this and that.  (so easy to misunderstand things when you're doing it on purpose.)


Yey!   :D

* Tom is excited!
Congrats everyone! Time to pop open the champane. ;)

congratulations... ;)
will try it out tomorrow ;)


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