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How did you get people to join your forum?

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Banner exchange?  word of mouth? Tell us how you got started!

although i didnt originally start the forum i run as i bought it i do know how the original owner got members and that was by getting into the news sites that were related to his site. he created news worthy posts that were linked to by sites such as engadget, psp-hacks, pspupdates, gizmodo etc

you just need to fill your site with content that would attract your target audience and spread the work round sites with a similar target audience

I wrote How-to type topics and people started registering to ask questions.

Read my advices.

well i told all my friends to tell there friends a bit like chain mail, and i also created a banner and asked admin's to put the banner up for free well probably because we are friends lol, but yh the forum came out good, and im now creating another forum about gaming so i might advertise the same way


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