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Is it possible to have multiple pages on a smf board?

I run a gaming guild that plays numerous games, ideally I would like a page to display general guild news, then several to display game specific news before proceeding to the forums.

For example;

                                  Game Specific Page
General Guild Page <                                > forums
                                  Game Specific Page

I have downloaded an installed PortaMx and that does a great job of getting 1 page up and running, but is there anyway to get more pages?

(hope this makes sense, I'm on a bit of a learning curve with smf atm!)

If this is in relation to the Portamx mod please make a post on the mods support topic.

I believe they also have a website.

Its not really about Portamx, thats just what I'm using atm.

I just wondered if there is a way (or another mod) of getting multiple pages?

The Simple Portal pages can be used in conjunction with the Custom Tab mod ( This is how I do it).

Okay that works great thanks, I now have a new tab and it pointing at a page - which leads me onto a couple of further questions...

1.  The page its pointing at obviously isn't there as I haven't made it yet.  How do I create a page?
2.  Is there anyway to move the tabs around on the menu bar?


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