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I prefer to keep them apart for the following reasons:

* The BB core author "Michael Hampton" has approved that I can write the mod as long as he is only responsible for the core (not the mod).  So I broke them apart.
* I do not want to update the mod every time the core changes unless I have to.   If I packaged them together you will not be able to update until I had a chance to make a new package and will not be able to do it quick enough for most people here.
* You can quickly update the BB portion simply by uninstalling the mod, updating the key files in FTP and reinstalling the mod.
For more details please read the installation and update portions of the readme and the SMF readme.

I'm just saying... ;)

did you think about automatic download of the core files from within your mod? this way you don't have to distribute two files, people won't scream at you, and it's an easy way to keep the core files up to date

I know but, Dude, I spent 7 months on this mod.  My insanity goes so far.   I have no idea how to do that, if it was possible I probably could find a way but, right now I plan to take a break form coding.  O:)

I tried to install the core then update it as one package.  It worked fine for the install but failed when I tried to uninstall it.  It was a nasty crash that caused reinstallation of SMF on the test server.  Two files were better.  People should be able to install two mods.   :P

edit:  The more I think about it a download will most likley have the same fate as a single mod that edits files (same as above).    ???

Ok today we have over 6:1 download ratio of the mod vs install package.  Since it is an international site, I can only assume that many people downloading do not read the text or do not read English that well.  So I renamed the zip files to:

This should help improve things.

No changes made to the actual code.

Thank you for this Mod, I will be trying it out today.  I will make sure to install only the 1st part  O:)


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