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What are some good anti-spam questions?

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I haven't used that system in a while.

On one of my old sites I believe, which isn't a available anymore, I modified the question system where it would take BBC, support multiple answers via commas with PHP's explode and made it case insensitive. From there I added pictures and such and asked questions about them.

Like what is this person doing?
What animal is in the picture?

I don't know if the question system supports BBC now, I know it didn't in the past releases.

Jade Elizabeth:
I love the idea of multiple answers!

What about acronyms?

Like "What is the abbreviation for Central Intelligence Agency?" (answer: cia)

Jade Elizabeth:
I wouldn't do it, it wouldnt be easy. I would have to think about it.

That's kind of the point. You have to use your brain, but the answer is easy.

I just added 10 of them of the most common acronyms i could find.


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