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Thumbs Up (Like / Dislike) for Posts?

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I've been thinking on a third button, along side "reply" and "like",  "reply and like" which of course will perform both actions.


--- Quote from: Suki on May 03, 2012, 09:41:13 AM ---I've been thinking on a third button, along side "reply" and "like",  "reply and like" which of course will perform both actions.

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Too many buttons in the interface, performing similar operations too, are not necessarily a good thing, though. (they're terrible actually, for readability, design, understandability, etc)

We already have too many buttons anyway and they all are listed individually instead of grouping them.

I can always use some dropdown menu to hide the like and like n reply under some other button/area, would be a pain to maintain since it involves theme edits, good place for a hook though.

I find it useful, you don't need to click like then reply or vice versa.

Jim Stone:
I was under the impression this was a Request for features area.

"Thumbs up / likes" are not for lazy people as implied, making things easier is usually a good thing and a welcomed addition by most people. "Thumbs up" serve a very useful purpose and they are used all over the Internet in every venue from Facebook to professional Forums to blogs and business sites, and on and on. To imply they serve no purpose is narrow minded.

For one (among many reasons) my users (when I had the option on my previous forum), it allows new users who browse and quickly determine which posts / threads/ people are deemed interesting, not by hits, but by a large group of people deliberately declaring them so (usually they were on the money), as opposed to wading through 500 posts to find it's all about the life habits of snails.

I don't think there is a suggestion of laziness, particularly, more an observation. It does tend to discourage the one liner posts in favour of just using 'likes' while people who want to say more can do so with impunity. Whether that's laziness is an inference, nothing more, but certainly having likes does trend towards discouraging short posts.

As far as being on FB, I'm not sure that it's a truly meaningful metric of popularity for any given item versus any other, but it certainly is a useful barometer for small quantities of likes for comparison of relative importance and important vs unimportant (rather than identifying which items are very vs mostly relevant)

The thing about this area is that being a request for features is that anyone has the right to voice their thoughts about its inclusion, and there are concerns about its inclusion from the people who have the power to implement it. Some concerns may be more important than others.


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