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[3.0] Notify user when name is mentioned

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Tony Reid:
I like the idea, but would suggest that it only does a lookup from the buddies list of the user posting , and perhaps ajax dropdown whilst typing is a good way of doing it.

Much like how facebook does it I guess.

If you had NU bbcode then it would be easy to spam the sites email function in a single post by naming all the members.

There are concerns related to abuse. Other relevant topic:
Member tagging idea?

TBH, I like the idea, and those of us used to social networks and big forums might miss it sometimes. It's not easy currently to notify someone of a post of their interest, you have to take up the time to:
- search in members for the person
- send them a PM with the link
- if you saved the link, or go several pages back when you got to PM them :D.

But not via PM, coz it can overload the system (especially if users like receiving email from forum when they got pm)


Show unread posts since last visit.
Show new replies to your posts.
Show unread notifications since last visit. or You have new X notification(s). or X notification(s) [ FB like upper left system. ]

I actually disagree with this a lot...

it would work just fine on a local, small board...   on a worldwide board with 30k+ members it would piss me off to no end (the same way it does on FB).

Maybe an option to allow/disallow mention/tag me and/or maybe permission to tag someone in post/topic


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