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Well, lets see:

--- Quote ---which qualification you have to join the team?
--- End quote ---
Enough I suppose.

php, yes.
sql, basic enough to handle SMF queries and SMF table structure.
css, yes.
JavaScript, basic stuff.

--- Quote ---What you have to do before join the team?

--- End quote ---
Nothing really, I started to provide support on the Spanish and English support boards, I was Support Helper of the Month for November 2010 and then keep on providing support, on February 2011 I was asked to join the team as a Support Specialist.
Before I was a member here I was doing English-Spanish translations and before that I maintained a Spanish The Smiths yahoo group, which BTW I still receive email notifications :P

--- Quote ---You have any mod programmed?

--- End quote ---
I do have over 20 mods, some of them were made by other people however I do keep em all updated and with new features as well.

--- Quote ---Your job?

--- End quote ---
In here?  the same as any other Customizer.
In real life I'm a Human Resources Assistant for a small trading company.

I see you have moved to the Purple ones.  Now I can bug you with all my newbie questions >:D

Don't you dare!!!


Congrats. Always good to know that some do make it through. Good luck and all the best.

Thank you.


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