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The New Online Manual has gone "Gold"

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Angelina Belle:
After much work and double-checking, the Simple Machines Team is proud to announce that the new Online Manual is out of its testing phase. Now, SMF documentation is kept in our Online Manual, which we maintain in a free wiki software provided by

The truth is, we've been using the new Online Manual wiki as a production service for some time now, while also refining some things. The skin has had some gradual improvements, we've improved the display of code, implemented a wiki translation tool and refined the SMF MediaWiki integration which makes your SMF login "work" on the wiki.

The wiki is still SMF online documentation that anyone can edit. If you have made at least 10 posts on the SMF forum, you can help on the wiki. If you are interested in contributing to the wiki, please see the information on the Community Portal.  Some parts of the wiki are being translated from English into other languages, using a wiki translation tool. So look for more information in the near future about becoming a wiki translator.

Here at SMF, we are using a bridge that allows us to use SMF logins on the wiki. If you are interested in using this bridge on your own site, or helping to develop this bridge, please read more at SMF MediaWiki integration .

If you are interested in writing SMF code, we're always looking, of course.  If you catch any bugs, please submit your fixes on the Bug Reports board.

Many thanks to Joshua Dickerson for pushing for the wiki, to SleePy for getting things all set up, and keeping the documentation team informed about what it has needed to do to keep it moving forward, and to Labradoodle-360 for doing the work in the wiki skin. Many more thanks to Emanuele for improving the code tag, for writing a bunch of useful wiki-templates, for working around persistant problems with the translation tool, and for working with the translators and the localization team.  The translators are doing a great job translating the SMF 2.0 help into many different languages. Thanks to Illori and Emanuele for moving documents from the old online help to the new wiki, and fixing them up when they got there. Thanks to K@ for helping to reorganize some of the FAQ material, and for improving some of the documentation based on feedback from many SMF users. And thanks to everyone who has fixed and improved wiki documents. We couldn't do it without you.

Edit: A little bit of explanation of Online Manual, Documentation, and the new Wiki. And clarification of some of the work that's gone into making it happen.

This can get a bit confusing. Some of you call it SMF mediawiki others call it the online manual or just the wiki, it confused me to hell looking for it (the wiki) until I noticed the wiki logo at the bottom of the online manual.
Maybe you should change the name in the menu to something like, online wiki, or wiki manual,wiki documentation, wiki help, or something along those lines to save any further confusion,or maybe its only me not been savvy enough  :laugh:

Only my thoughts....

Angelina Belle:
Ozzie,  that is a good point.  We do use "Online Manual" and "Documentation" interchangeably.
And, since our online manual is kept in a wiki, we throw that into the mix, as well.

Perhaps I could have explained that better in my original post here.


Edit: I have made a small edit to the first paragraph of that post.  I hope that helps.
I have also clarified the kind of help the wiki has received.


Congrats! :)

Well done! :)


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