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[WIP] jQuery Mobile Mode

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This is still a work in progress, working pretty good, still a few minor bugs. Once those are worked out I will either release this or hand it over to a fellow developer to release.

Current Bugs
Back key in browser handles like browser.
Need a way to rewrite the browser history so it handles more like a app instead of like a browser back key which may take you in circles if that is what you did.

Test site

I also got a Android version that needs testing, this however I will not be releasing due to the complications in setup and support. If you wish to have the Android app version please contact me. For demo purposes -

Once again this is in active development, once the history thing is tackled I will be looking to release this. If I release it as a mod then I may pass this on to another developer, since I don't like tackling the support and hoops to get it here. However I may just release it as a hack, simpler on me. ;)

Nice :)

Great work!

Study Force:
Cool :)

glad to see you decided to share it here :) it is a nice addition


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