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Timeout error when posting

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Thanks, I've passed on the link :)

I increased the session timeout when she first told me about the error so that's already quite high, but looking in my server settings, I found something of interest.  You said:

--- Quote ---Enable local storage of cookies
(SSI won't work well with this on.)
Use subdomain independent cookies
(turn off local cookies first!)

One will be checked and the other won't be.
--- End quote ---

I have neither of them checked so the first thing I've done is to check one.    I shall keep playing around with all of it to see whether I can have any effect.

Thanks again :)


For what it's worth, I have "Enable local storage of cookies" checked and it works fine.

But, then, I don't use SSI. ;)

SSI?  I shall have to google it  :D

I had to, too!

It's a programming language that SMF can utililise.

Thanks, I wondered what it was...

My co-admin and I have just tried every permutation of the things you suggested and she's still getting the same error  :'(


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