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Odd. It keeps telling that there's a syntax error with this line:

document.write('<span id="worldclock" style="font:bold 16px Arial;"></span><br>')

Bit odd, coz it works on my 1.1.16 forum.

I'm fiddlin'...

Old Fossil:

--- Quote ---I'm fiddlin'...
--- End quote ---


If it helps...

If you put the code at the very top of the page, before even the opening php tag, it shows at the top of the page, on the left.

Old Fossil:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in /home/playing/public_html/Themes/PixelBreasts/index.template.php on line 69

All I saw was the error.

Sorry. Been having hassles with the damned FTP client...

Gimme a while to figure that out.


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