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tables in utf-8


but smf in windows-1253

i get some inputs like this

--- Quote ---êáëçìåñá öéëå ìïõ,<br />ðéóôåõù ïôé êáëï åéíáé íá ...
--- End quote ---

can i encode in greek fonts?

If the tables are UTF-8, then you need to download and install the UTF-8 language pack for the language you're using.

The easiest way to do this is from the admin center:

Admin -> Configuration -> Languages -> Add Language
Enter the desired language in the box and click Search
Click "Install" next to the one you want
On the next screen, make sure it says "Yes" in the "Writable" column for each file and "No" for "Already Exists"
Scroll down to the bottom and click "Install"
When you return to the language page, click the radio button next to the language you just installed and click "Save".

thanks for the reply,
i am not sure, but do you remember if in 2.0 RC3 haw a tool to convert everything
to UTF? or i am remembering wrong?  O:) O:)


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