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Angelina Belle:
The choice of an open-source license for SMF 2.0 opened up development opportunities for every member of the SMF community.
What is good for the SMF community should be good for the SMF project. All participants in the SMF project and every SMF fork can learn from each other -- compare different solutions to common problems, and compare different ways of working.

With that in mind, it makes sense to maintain a list of actively-developed forks, especially those who are using a truly open development model, which allows anyone to take a peek under the hood at all times.

We can all learn a lot from each other.

Here is a list of know forks actively being developed
Open Source Forks

* EOS Alpha, by Nightwish
* Elkarte, by some current and former SMF team members
* ezForum, by vbgamer45
Forks with restrictions on distribution or use

* Wedge, by Nao.
Added Protendo -- AngelinaBelle

Clara Listensprechen:
Not sure as to future: Yourasoft. Its board has been inactive for months now; used to be quite active.

Angelina Belle:
If it Jaelta picks up, let us know. :)

Clara Listensprechen:
Will do!

I know wedge isn't released yet, but a link could be provided for those interested in following the development of all currently released and forthcoming forks.


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