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[TIP/TRICK] Adding Twitter and Facebook "Share/Like" Button To Posts

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hey thnks man i did... but facing little bit prbm...

adding screenshot help me out plz

Wow, JBlaze; it looks really nice in your screenshot, but all I get it the word "Tweet," and that's it. I'm still on my hunt for Facebook and Twitter buttons!

(Not that my users even *use* these things, but I'm trying to drag us all into the 21st century.) (I only just created a FB page a couple months ago, and it's a fake one. I needed it for some reason or another.) (I haven't anything mundane enough to tweet.)


Did you have a code for Google +1 ? thanks for code of twitter and facebook it really help to my website what I need is now Google +1 and other coding.

Pools Above Ground

Hi Andrew103

Welcome to smf.

Would THIS help?

thanks for the share


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