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adam babe:
Thanks for this great tips

If you have a big forum site that sends hundreds of notifications every your, google mail could pose a problem since there is a mail limit. I think it's 500 emails everyday?

Is there a way of avoiding this email sending limit? Then I won't hesitate to deploy the guide above.


--- Quote from: humbleworld on October 26, 2009, 07:00:39 AM ---Is there a way of avoiding this email sending limit? Then I won't hesitate to deploy the guide above.

--- End quote ---

Not really, unless you go for one of the bigger paid-for versions of Google's apps.

Ive been using Google apps for a while now and I highly recommend it. I wish you could mix the free and paid services on one account but its not possible at this time. There is a work around though, with domain names being so cheep through Go Daddy you can easily afford multiple URL's so get the dot com and net or whatever for your chosen URL.

Over on Google set up your main URL up with a paid account with one or 2 email addresses at $50 a pop per address, ouch. Then set up the secondary URL for the free service. This is the most cost effective way Ive found to use Google apps.

That said if you are paying for hosting your host should have some sort of mail server configured then you should be able to use the PHP default.

If you are running SMF off your own computer there are a few free and or cheep email servers you can install or you can usually set up an alternate email account through your ISP.

For myself I use the multiple Goggle apps accounts and a DNS provider separate from  my host. It makes it much easier to move hosts later on if you need to and its not that expensive in the long run. :)

Thanks for providing this unique information. I have never created my Gmail id for this purpose. So, I am going to try this one for sure.



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