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[4370] 2.0 RC3 PostgreSQL Search index creation fails

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When I try to create a custom index, I get this message:  SMF is currently creating a search index of your messages. To avoid overloading your server, the process has been temporarily paused. It should automatically continue in a few seconds. If it doesn't, please click continue below.

But after continuing, a blank white page loads.  A partial index of size 516096 has been created, but trying to resume just results in the blank page.  There are no errors in the log.

Are there any "error_log" files in any of the SMF directories? Check those to see if there's any more info.

I don't have a board that's active enough to be able to reproduce this. On my test board, I can get the "pause" screen by creating a large sized index, but it still works after the continue (it tells me the index was created successfully). However, the index on this board is only 8kb in size.

There are no error logs anywhere and Apache lists 200 success.

I will look into this more this weekend if I have time.

Sorry for the delay on this.
Can you please consider to post a link to a phpinfo() file?

Also, is it possible that PHP error logging would be disabled for your server? It would be useful to get some error, to have a clue about what exactly fails here...


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