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Some IP addresses suddenly can't access forum

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We started having "SMF can't access your database" problems intermittently a couple of weeks ago.  That's much better now, but during that at least three people, all computer literate (one extremely so), stopped being able to access the forum from their computers.  They can all access from phone and/or work computers.  They have all deleted cookies and cleared cache, but that didn't help.  Does anyone have any ideas for us?  Thank you.

Lawrence Wright:
A swing in the dark, are you running MOD_SECURITY or anti-spam software on your server? Even a firewall (ConfigServer). What's your environment?

Or, perhaps, banned someone? If you make a ban on an IP address, you'll be banning a whole block of people, not just one.

Thank you, no banning, and I've asked our tech person to respond to the other questions about the server.  Thanks again.

More info, when one of the people who can't get to the site tries pinging it she gets Request Timed Out x4.  Does that help at all?


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