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Joshua Dickerson:
As I just announced Simple Machines is moving to a wiki for its main source of documentation. I have a number of reasons for this. Namely, resources. The amount of people willing to write documentation is extremely scarce. It is boring and tedious to say the least.

So, what does that mean for us? The Doc Team, along with the Doc Helpers will mainly focus on moderating and editing documents. The permissions will match that.

We are currently waiting for the wiki to be installed. Derek is apparently pretty busy. Sleepy wants us to use a sub domain, so that's what it will be -

I will be installing the translate extension and the Doc Team/Helpers will be working closely with the Internationalization team to translate documents. My hope is that documents will be written in multiple languages and those can be translated to and from English. As well, it will promote our non-English speaking communities. As you all know, we are severely lacking on documentation for them. As soon as migration from the OM begins to happen I want us to start using Google Translate. I'm hoping this will give the users and translators a place to start translations. At least then they can fix the sentences instead of writing a whole page over.

I want us to use the progress bar extension in the discussion page. I am debating whether or not to install an issue tracker or todo list for us.

There are several other extensions I am researching. If you have any suggestions I am all ears. This is my first time using a wiki at a large scale and not too many people on the team are all that knowledgeable about them either. So, if you have any knowledge you'd like to throw at us, please do.

Oh yeah, go visit the test wiki wiki!

Yes, that's right, the test wiki is no longer in use. We now have a site here -

Kill Em All:
Cool beans. Can't wait for it to be all set up.

I think a Wiki is a great idea. The only think I'm thinking is people normally leave reply's to documentation about questions and jade and B used to reply too.

I'm guessing this will no longer be available.

In a wiki (in a number of them, anyway), one can have, linked to the main page, a discussion page. Just press "discuss" or "talk" and you're there. Permissions could be setup for users to leave questions there, and be given answers. Honestly I don't remember how you do that in mediawiki specifically, but I think you can.

Sure, it would be possible for the main page as well, but I don't know if the Documentation team will want to open the main pages fully for editing. If yes, surely people would be able to add questions.

Even if the doc team open up all pages too editing, if somebody comes and deleted everything the page can be restored to a earlier point.

However IMO a better idea will be a edit has to go thought moderation by the doc (and possibly helper) team before the edit becomes live.


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