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Q:  What combination of modules/mambots do I need to use?

A:  If you use the bridge login module, make sure to unpublish the SMF_login and SMF_logout mambots.  If you use the Mambo login module, then make sure to publish the SMF_login and SMF_logout mambots.

Q:  How do I create a link from my menu to the bridge?

A:  Go to your Mambo admin panel.  Go to the Menu menu.  Click on mainmenu.

Click the "New" icon.

Select "Component" and click the "Next" icon.

Select the SMF bridge in the list of components.  Type a name into the name field.

Click Save.

Terminology to avoid confusion:

Wrapped:  This indicates that the bridge is wrapped within the Mambo template.  This is accessed through Mambo.

Unwrapped:  This indicates that the bridge is not wrapped in the Mambo template.  This is accessed through Mambo.  The URL looks exactly the same as the wrapped setting, but the Mambo template is excluded.

Stand alone:  This indicates the forum location accessed directly rather than through the bridge.  This is not bridged in any way.

Q:  I have migrated users from SMF to Mambo in the bridge configuration panel.  I am using the Mambo login module.  My users are unable to login to Mambo, but they do get logged into SMF.

A:  If you have migrated your users from SMF to Mambo, and you are using the Mambo login module rather than the bridge login module, those users will need to change their passwords in the bridged forum before they will be able to login to Mambo.

Q: I am having trouble syncronizing the users or the users who register are stored in one user table and not the other. I am running with a Plesk control panel for the site.

A: Plesk (and several other host/site control panels) do not allow different databases to share the same database user. With Plesk, you MUST have SMF and Mambo installed within the same database.

Q:  If I run into problems, should I uninstall and reinstall everything?

A:  No.  Doing that never solves the problem, and will only result in your own frustration.  Ask questions in the forum, and we will work out the actual problem.


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