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Angelina Belle:
The Wedge project has not yet made a release, but their website (though it shows an SMF RC4 copyright line) is already showing off a new theme.  According to the developers (in msg265925)

--- Quote ---Wedge's default theme is optimized for any kinds of resolutions.  The sidebar is moved aside on the fly, font size is bigger, things like that.
--- End quote ---
And it is. You can see the sidebar drop to the bottom the first time you load their website from your smartphone. Even if you turn the phone sideways.

Does this improve the viewing experience?

青山 素子:
I note that this fork isn't under an open license, so discussion on it wouldn't fit here.

--- Quote ---* This board is for discussion of open-source forks of SMF 2.
* You may showcase your fork here, if it is an open-source fork of SMF, and if you have followed the requirements of SMF's license agreement.
* You may not showcase or advertise any non-open-source fork.

--- End quote ---

Angelina Belle:

--- Quote from: AngelinaBelle on August 15, 2011, 02:27:35 PM ---* You may discuss, analyze, compare, contrast, and post benchmark results comparing SMF and any SMF forks.

--- End quote ---

Angelina Belle:
Nao, one of the Wedge authors, replies:

--- Quote from: Nao/Gilles ---Thanks for the thumb up. :D However, Angelina, the code you see on is *not* running Wedge. It's specified in the FAQ. But lucky for you, it is true that the resizing code that is in Wedge, is taken from the code I wrote for (the website that served as the starting point for the website, NOT for the Wedge project.) So, yes, pretty much already demoes that for you.
I improved it, nevertheless, like I always like to do -- made it even shorter, slightly faster, and a bit more dependable.

Still, the font size is too small in when viewing it on a smartphone. And avatars are still on the side. Font size changing is done in Wedge (it only takes one line of code), but I'm also planning to move avatars and userboxes to the vertical flow, i.e. above the posts themselves. The point here is that topics should be very readable on smartphones, out of the box. I can't take bets for the other forum pages, though -- my focus was on topic pages really.

PS: permission to reproduce this post on if need be.

--- End quote ---

Nao, The copyright line did tip me off that is not running Wedge yet. :)
So the default Wedge theme will be bit different, then.

青山 素子:
I personally would prefer a mobile-optimized version of the theme, even if done with CSS only as opposed to special tricks to make the theme fit both worlds. With the later, you get a mediocre theme on both sides instead of something that takes advantage of the uniqueness of each platform.


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