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How to access article manager?

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I am still trying to figure out how to create new php pages for my system. Apparently there is a tool called article manager which I am supposed to be able to access in the admin area.

I have been through the admin area three times now, checking every major choice and looking at all the sub choices listed and I simply cannot find the article manager.

Yet again another case of too soon old too late smart

Can anyone tell me what major page in the admin section I should be looking under ?

Thanks in advance

There isn't any Article Manager in SMF.

Though portals like Simple Portal give you the option to create pages. Search for them on the mod site :)

Ok, thanks

I have been using Simple Portal for a long time, never occurred to me to check in there. I gave it a try and I don't think it is going to work for what I am trying to do.

I think there must be a way (or perhaps should be a way) to add a new php page to my SMF directory, for example myNewPHP.php. So far so good, I can do that.

Next step would be to include a line of PHP code, or several lines of php that would do the house keeping and add in the SMF menu. I cannot seem to figure out how to do this.

Final step would be to insert some include() code to insert the contents of myNewPHP.html into myNewPHP.php, I do includes all the time in other parts so I figure I know how to do that part.

I currently write html pages and link them into the SMF forum by adding them to the menu bar, but I have to have a menu on the html pages to get me back to the SMF system.

Maintaining two menu systems is a pain, I want to move the additional pages into my SMF directory and clean up the rest of the site.

Just knowing that I cannot do what I want would be a big help and this point

Thanks in advance, the very frustrated hobbit in Vegas

You can do whatever you want with the system :)

First, add the menu button, but instead of the 'show' => true, add this:

--- Code: ---'show' => defined('SMF') && SMF == 'SSI',

--- End code ---

This'll tell the button to only show when SSI mode is on.

Next, add you page.

--- Code: ---<?php

// Next, setup anything we'd like.
$ssi_ban = 1; // Ban any banned user that sneaks in here.
$ssi_theme = 1; // The theme used. 1 = Curve/default.

// And we can start including.
include('SSI.php'); // Assuming this file is in the same directory as SMF.

// Now, the header.

// All your content here.

// And the footer...

// And some closing.
--- End code ---

I've added comments as to what everything handles.

Good luck!

Did you mean this?


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