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Ok, This is my site: (screenshot) How do i edit "That"

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The best place to ask for support for a dziner theme is dziners own forum.


--- Code: ---#main_body {
background: #dedede url(../images/custom/main_body.jpg) 0 0 repeat-x;
--- End code ---
That whole div is set to have this image repeat on the x-axis and use a gray wherever the image doesn't cover which is the Grey/Scribbled area. You could consider finding an image that could repeat on both axes.

Change repeat-x to repeat and see what happens, it will depend on the image as to what it will look like.

Use your editor to find the footer div in the index.template.php, be careful but you can add info here.

Get and use firefoxes, firebug or chromes developers tools. They are God sends.

I hope you're using apache and php on your local computer, it makes life user, make backups before you edit.

 you can edit any page or give a look by photoshope.

Matthew K.:

--- Quote from: amitets on May 18, 2012, 08:33:38 AM --- you can edit any page or give a look by photoshope.

--- End quote ---
Really? How? Not quite that simple, I'm afraid.


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