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I started a topic about something like this in the team boards about a database reset. This isn't the place for this discussion but check the team boards.

This is great, but I have one small problem.
I sent this file to /root_smf/dodatki and changed

--- Code: ---require_once($reset_path . '/SSI.php');
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---require_once($reset_path . '/../SSI.php');
--- End code ---

Now what is the problem.
I run this script, and this is what it shows me

List of installed mods is clear, but modifications are still there, source or theme files was not replaced by files from

Well, of course not...

1- your attempt failed when it hit the theme removal.... Which is before the new file overwrite.
2- removing the installed packages removes the from the installed list. It does not remove the actual code.. that is done when the new file overwrite happens, as the final step.

I did not test with any other directory... I only tested with this reset file in the actual SMF directory. Why did you pt it somewhere else?

cool but we want these

delete mod specific installed files (i.e. mymod.php)
remove mod specific installed tables or columns from the database

nope.... not going to do that because I don't see any easy way to do it.

It would be complicated to try and find that data and not worth the time to code.

Besides... this resets the forum but does not delete any mod data... which was my goal.


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