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I'd like to see some examples of each function being used.

If I'm honest. I read/understand the examples on the PHP website more than their techno-babble about the function.

its been suggested -- coming up with a way to implement it is another question.  Of course, we first need to actually finish the function entries and get things updated for 2.0


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--- Quote from: Dannii on May 08, 2008, 07:30:11 AM ---You know what would be great? Being able to specify the function in the URL instead of using an ID. Any chance that's possible?

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Not possible at the moment, but that won't be too hard to implement. I'll make the changes in a little while.

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That'd be cool, kind of like PHP's site, like :D
Great job though ;)

Well the examples isn't a bad idea, though I think the best way to do them would be from actual SMF source code like I did for the 2.0 Functions for mod authors. Seeing the actual code in use is very handy I know.
I read the tech blab to make sure I am casting things as I should and using it correctly, I also use the examples for when I don't feel like reading the tech blab and just need to make sure I am passing the correct variables to a function.

im sure this will make things a lot less confusing


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