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Installed a mod? Broke your forum? No backup? This might help.

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--- Quote from: K@ on September 13, 2010, 03:51:36 AM ---(Note that this is in the SMF v1.1.x forum's support board)

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Aha! I just note that. But why SMF 2.0 RCx doesn't backup the default theme folder, I mean that simple css, default templates etc... Just a curious...  ::)

It should do it, really. 2.0 RCx as well, I mean.

There is none, Norv. I really did restore several backups from Pakacges/backups folder. I even downloaded them to check but there is none.

And about the size. I notices that it back ups everything in Sources folder which is not necessary. A backup can be smaller if only it back ups only the file that have been changed and not others. It is like a restore point and not the whole forum site backup.

Well as it is written, it doesn't know for sure which changed. Of course it could, though the mod installer may execute PHP code which changes more files than the package declaration says it will. Of course it can be done either way, it's just not something we will do soon, I'm afraid.

About backups not having themes at all: maybe it doesn't find the themes directories for some reason. You may want to see in phpmyadmin the result of:

--- Code: ---SELECT value
FROM smf_themes
WHERE id_member = 0 AND variable = "theme_dir";

--- End code ---
(where "smf_" should be your smf prefix).
Package manager tries to backup those directories it gets from this query, as far as themes are concerned.

Damn this just saved my life. Thanks a lot for being so smart SMF :D


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