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Hi All,  I have a forum for disabled people.  Currently I am using SMF 2.0.2 and Curve Theme.  I have made a user selectable template which increases the font size by 15%.

Does anyone know of a theme which has been developed for the partially sighted ot one which is compatible with a braille reader

I am not partially sighted myself so know very little about the subject.

Not that I am aware of. It seems to me that the issue is not the theme but rather the tool and software interface used to read the screen. You are probably aware of DragonSpeak and NuanceTalk and how they read a screen. Similar ability is provided by Adobe with their Adobe Reader program.

I work a few blocks from our state school for the deaf and blind. I will make a note to ask them what tools they use. The kids I do know that graduated from the school are partially sighted to legally blind and are using software tools to audibly read the screen to them.

As for theme changes, some partially sighted individuals may find it easier to read a screen where the layout is more horizontal than a mix of vertical and horizontal. You could see about changing the layout to where it reads more like the old list server display.

Thanks Lou, I can leave the tools for the people involved, I just want to make my site as easy as possible whether they have the tools or not.  I am thinking about people who don't have computers at home but maybe use their local library.

They should be able to use browser settings to zoom anything on screen, even at the local library. If that's not enough, the the best option is to increase overall font-size for the whole theme. That may break parts of the default, since it uses image backgrounds for compatibility with older versions of IE, but if nobody is using older versions of IE then the problem can be solved by using CSS3 background for menus, etc.

First thing to to determine what font-size they actually require for good legibility.


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