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The smf newslletter function have sizes limitations?

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--- Quote from: MrPhil on May 02, 2012, 05:15:39 PM ---Why would either plain text or HTML be base64 encoded? Images and binary attachments yes, but text and tags, no. If the presence of binary data is causing everything to be encoded, I'd call that a bug (or at the least, bad design). Anyway, if the limitation was 30kB, it's possible that the original 21kB expanded to 30kB when base64 encoded. Just some thoughts...

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Welcome to the mail protocols where data *must* be 7 bit safe, and note that it was the first place base 64 was used en masse for just this reason. There may even be some old bad MTAs that only accept base 64 content.

So... this was fixed? or "bogus"?

Fixed in 2.1.



Yesterday evening I was a bit in a hurry and I didn't post if the various things were fixed or not...sorry. :)


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