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What can we do to help grow our 3PDs?

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I think a forge would greatly help 3PDs. Ideally, if SMF were to take a more simple FOSS licence, and the mods on the mod site were required to have one too, and if we had a forge, then having community support would be much easier. No longer would we be required to wait for mod authors to fix stuff, submit a patch, and have either the customise team rebuild the packages, or even let trusted community members do it too. At the moment there is little advantage for using's customisation site other than publicity.


--- Quote ---So just duplicating what's already there?
--- End quote ---

Its not in the same sense as a normal mod.The thread for a single mod is sufficient but if a 3PD was present then a single thread would become extremely cluttered with old fixes for versions gone by like some of the mod threads now.Any mod thread I look at I read the last page first as I know the first 30 -40 are all old out of date fixes normally for older versions of SMF.

Also with a large 3PD the problems may span various different aspects of its design and code and a single thread would end up confusing.You have to look at it from a laymans terms and things you know and expect they may not.This site as it is can be murder if you have no idea of SMF and confusing if trying to find a thread buried 40 pages down because the author cannot or doesnt answer problems with his mod.

The idea is to make a sub heading say for a portal that incorperates 100 features. Then there can be a couple of threads inside for Install, Troubleshooting , Upgrading ect. Obviously the maker must agree but I doubt most would turn down the option to integrate some discussion here on SMF since the feedback could be valuable if they wanted to make a commercial version eventually.

So, I'm going to summarize what's here so far:

* Better methods of supporting third party software on-site
* A 3PD forge
* OSI approved license
* Child boards for qualifying mods (determine definition for "qualifying")
Great stuff. :)

What else?


--- Quote ---(determine definition for "qualifying")
--- End quote ---

To me something similar to this line.

A modification or major addition that doesnt simply manipulate the existing forum code but adds significant 3PD code and php files/scrips/sources  of its own to operate effectively.

The definition would need carefull consideration but something along that line as a starting point maybe.


--- Quote ---[*]Child boards for qualifying mods (determine definition for "qualifying")
--- End quote ---
This wouldn't necessarily be needed. There are other options. For example with a tagging system the topics could be anywhere (though hopefully just in a general mod support area) and then tracked by the forge. Then any mod can have more than one topic, not just the qualifying ones. The forge could even have something like the support topics page, and show a mod author any tagged topics they haven't replied to yet.


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