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Ok, I went to Admin>Languages>Add Language and installed the languages I've listed above (this is on my local, development server, and not accessible on the Internet). The only language shown in the Edit Languages section is English, and it's also the only language in the listbox for default forum language. {sigh!} Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, is it? :)

DaveMorton, yes, the only language by default in smf installation pack is English. You can add more languages by chosing "add languages" from admin - languages section.

Yup. I did that. For each of Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch and Croatian. I got the notification with each one that the language was installed correctly, yet only English shows up in the Edit Language page, and in the listbox under settings. I did, however, try to install just Spanish on the live server at [nonactive], and was successful there. So apparently there's a problem with my local installation of SMF that I'll have to look into.

Even with all of the challenges and obstacles, I was able to determine the information that I was looking for. The variable $txt['lang_dictionary'] holds exactly what I'm looking for, without needing to make any conversions at all. So now it's back to work on the mod. {happy dance} :D

I'm glad that you've find what you looking for.
Feel free to ask if you need any further help.


Thanks for your help, Dzonny. I do appreciate it. :) I marked the thread as resolved. :)


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