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I realize that the standard logging in SMF is pretty good and that there are a few mods out there to allow other items such as poll locks, and what not to be logged.

However there is a limit to what is and what is not logged, mainly membergroup assignments, username changes by admins, and of course poll modifications.

I know most of these logs are standard in other forum platforms such as phpbb, and IPboards but is there a plan to make this standard in a future version of SMF

also why is it the Moderation log in the ACP shows all of the events carried out on the forum, yet the moderation log in the regular for global moderators shows next to none?

Angelina Belle:
And, for example, all user profile changes, including changes to the user's avatar.

It may be that a "more detailed logging" mod is the way to go, for now.

Well the thing is most of those changes are logged in the SQL table SMF_log_actions

such entries consist of:

id_group - membergroup change
real_name - username change
additional groups - adding to a membergroup

but they are not parsed because of the column id_log in which only actions with a value of 1 will show.

All other have a value of 2, I experimented a little by changing all the values to 1 in SQL and then they showed up but had no discernible action associated with them aside from the SQL value.

So this is not just a database thing it is also a way that SMF parses and displays the SQL results

only if it could be turned off....  I have no need or desire for that detail in logging... and with my database already pushing 3 gigs on messages alone, I don't need more crap stored in the log tables.

well that's just the thing all of those log entries I mentioned, just sit there in the database and take up space.  They are not purged by any function in SMF (only the main ones like the topic delete/move/lock/etc . . .) unless you actually go into your SQL database and truncate that table. 

BTW 3gb your lucky as most hosts have at most a 1gb total size for SQL databases. 


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